Crochet hook case

Here’s my newest completed project. Well, nearly completed….I just need a button. I used this pattern: one little rayndrop: Crochet Hook Case
It was a little confusing to follow in 1 or 2 places, but I made do. I didn’t intend to use 2 of the same colors, they just happened to be in my stash. I had just enough white for the front cover and I accidentally made too many pockets (I miscounted and misread how many I needed to make) but all in all, I like it. I have a few sizes that I have 2 hooks for, so it’s not bad that I made extra pockets. 🙂




H.P scarf

Nearly 2 weeks late, but I’m finally posting pics of the completed Harry Potter scarf I sent to my little cousin.
Folded in half; tail still out:

The beginning end turned out wider than the rest. I guess when I continued it the following day (and the other days) I accidentally used tighter tension. Now I know what to watch out for as I work on the 2nd one for his mom’s friend. I think it turned out wider than a scarf should be….but that could just be me. We are our worst critics after all.

Harry Potter scarf- w.i.p

Thursday I began working on a ‘Harry Potter’ scarf for my young cousin and a friend of his mom’s (who saw me post about making one and offered to pay me making one…it’ll be the first thing I’ve sold that I’ve made myself!). I’ll post a pic of the finished product as well as the cable scarf, which is knitting up quickly, when I’m done with them in a couple days.



I’m using this pattern I found on Pinterest:
If you don’t know how to change colors, this YouTube video taught me how a month ago (I just skipped to ~30 sec in):