Nightmare Before Christmas-final

Finished the charcoal drawing I started the other night. I may try and use a bit of white paint or pastel  to brighten the moon. If so, I’ll add that picture later. For now, here we go: 


Edit: I did wind up doing a bit of touch up. I found my tortillons (blending tools) after I was done, go figure. So I used those to blend the sky a little better. Then used a white pastel to brighten the moon. Ran a finger around the edge of the moon to blend it w/the sky a bit.



The Nightmare Before Christmas

I haven’t worked on much of anything in months, unfortunately. I’m currently knitting a baby blanket for my ‘middle’ niece (my middle sister’s only babe) and I’m about to start crocheting a baby blanket for my youngest niece, my little brother’s youngest daughter.

The very beginning of baby blanket #1:

But that’s for another post. Tonight I started working on a charcoal drawing for the first time in years. It was supposed to be my big sister’s bday present (which I kept putting off working on..bad sister). She loves ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. So I’m doing the scene with Jack by the moon. It’s not completed yet, I’ll post the finished version sometime this weekend. But for now, this is what I have: