Olaf painting-complete

Here’s the finished painting:

It’s a little lighter than the pic shows, but I still like how it came out.


Olaf painting

I’ve only ever done a couple of paintings outside of the art classes I had to take in school, so I’m no painter. But my nieces love ‘Frozen’ so I’m working on an Olaf painting for the younger of the 2. I was originally going to do one of him snowboarding but I screwed up the background. Then I remembered his ‘In Summer’ song and new what I was going to do. It’s almost done:

This 1st one was taken while still wet and poor lighting


H.P scarf

Nearly 2 weeks late, but I’m finally posting pics of the completed Harry Potter scarf I sent to my little cousin.
Folded in half; tail still out:

The beginning end turned out wider than the rest. I guess when I continued it the following day (and the other days) I accidentally used tighter tension. Now I know what to watch out for as I work on the 2nd one for his mom’s friend. I think it turned out wider than a scarf should be….but that could just be me. We are our worst critics after all.